Presidents Run from IKIN and React! Games in Google Play Store

Popular game injects fun to the 2020 presidential season

 San Diego, California, Oct. 8, 2020—IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, and React! Games have released Presidents Run for Android. A free-to-play single-player game, Presidents Run allows gamers to help a popular political personality make a literal run to the presidency in a fun, nonpartisan way. Players of any skill level can actively support candidates in a friendly competition. The game is compatible with mobile devices running Android version 8 (Oreo) and higher.

“Presidents Run generated a lot of activity in 2012, and we expect even more traction in the current political climate,” said Chad Lee, creative director for IKIN, and developer of the game. “We’re delighted to launch Presidents Run on the Android platform as we enter the final stages of the 2020 presidential campaign. The game is fun to play for novices, but also has some unique challenges for more experienced gamers.”

Characters vying for the Presidents Run championship include major party candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden, as well as Kamala Harris, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jung Un, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, Zombie Washington, and Frankenstein Lincoln. As the runners travel through their landscape, they try to avoid paparazzi and protestors who can knock them out of the game. The participants log miles and gather votes throughout the game, which provide currency to get power-ups, enhanced footwear, special capabilities, and head starts in the game store.

The game tracks all miles accumulated by each candidate, gathering data in the cloud from players around the world and updating the leaderboard in real time. In addition, a Poll Tracker is available on its website at for anyone who wants to follow the leaderboard standings.

“During the 2012 election, an earlier version of Presidents Run correctly predicted the presidential election outcome,” added Lee. “We can’t predict what the poll will indicate this time. It will be up to the players to keep running their candidates and gather as many miles as possible.”

Presidents Run was designed on the Unity development platform. IKIN embeds its volumetric and holographic design library in the Unity SDK, which will facilitate IKIN’s plan to add volumetric 3-D characters to upcoming versions of Presidents Run.

The game is available now in the Play Store at this link.

Presidents Run is also available for iOS devices in the Apple Store.