Watch the future happen before your eyes.

RYZ is the dawn of a new era.

One with the power to transform our daily lives with experiences, connectivity and content once considered the stuff of dreams. Immersive, true to life 3D holograms with unlimited capability. Delivered through the devices and mobile networks we use every day.

Brilliant Color and Clarity

RYZ’s breakthrough volumetric display employs an Ultra-dense Photon Field that can accurately project every color in the spectrum while narrowing the color frequencies to conserve bandwidth by half. The result is rich, vibrant color that can be seen in the brightest light.

Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Powerful AI allows RYZ to understand the surrounding environment and identify what the retina should see at every angle and perspective while giving creators the freedom to create far more nuanced, lifelike movement.

Full Touch Interactivity

RYZ makes the hologram real in every way. That includes seamless finger-based touch and control. From motion and size to unique features, creators can add complete user interaction to every hologram, and have it respond in a fully realistic manner.

Unlimited Personalization

The RYZ app makes it easy to convert any 2D image to a live 3D hologram. Family photos. Favorite artworks. Drawings and sketches. Transform and customize them all at the touch of a button. It’s a truly personal hologram platform ready to reflect all of life’s moments. Past and present.

4G Compatible and 5G Ready

RYZ features advanced compression that allows it to seamlessly transmit over today’s 4G networks with zero latency. While enabling every network and content owner to capitalize on 5G with dynamic streaming, conferencing and visual experiences beyond imagination.


RYZ to a better world for all.

RYZ reflects our commitment to create technology that will radically improve the human experience. In nearly every professional field, our hologram platform unlocks dynamic new opportunities to view, share and interact with detailed 3D information on an unparalleled scale. These are just some of the industries we’re working to transform.