Let there be light.

Introducing RYZ™. The first personal hologram platform that sits in the palm of your hand.

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Connect on social. Send a photo or video.
Text a friend. Play games.


Whatever you do on your mobile, RYZ allows you to experience it as a rich, immersive 360° hologram with full touch interactivity. It’s your entire digital life. Brought to life in a whole new dimension.


Fall in love at first sight.

Breakthrough volumetric display with adjustable brightness and transparency.

Brilliant, true to life color and clarity even in strong light and harsh sun.

Elegantly designed flip-up screen replaces the need for headsets or glasses.


A dream world for developers.

RYZ is an open source platform fully compatible with the most popular engines, toolkits and operating systems. Join our global community for insights that will unlock your imagination and help you take our technology to the limit.


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