Frost & Sullivan Selects IKIN for 2020 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award in Holographic Mobility Solutions
Company is recognized for its pioneering approach to bringing groundbreaking technology to market.

San Diego, California, Sept. 1, 2020—IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, was selected by global market research firm Frost & Sullivan to receive a 2020 Global Technology Innovation Leadership Award for its RYZ™ holographic platform. The award for Holographic Mobility Solutions recognizes IKIN’s strategy of providing proprietary technology that enables developers, mobile operators, and solutions providers to integrate holograms into existing and emerging applications and services that leverage 4G and 5G networks.

Brent Iadorola, Frost & Sullivan’s vice president, mobile and wireless practice, noted, “IKIN delivers true innovation to create a holographic field using sophisticated AI for existing mobile devices over existing networks. Impregnating the AI algorithms into the applications running on the device, IKIN’s technology optimizes the holographic presentation based on available network connectivity. As next generation networks trigger a paradigm shift in mobile connectivity, IKIN’s RYZ framework equips developers with an intuitive platform to build compelling holographic solutions and visual experiences in both 4G and 5G environments.”

IKIN’s award-winning RYZ Platform is comprised of the RYZ Framework for developers, the RYZ App, and the RYZ Accessory. The RYZ Framework is a comprehensive development ecosystem which includes SDK and API elements, advanced holographic display devices, and certified drag-and-drop integration with leading app development environments. The RYZ Framework is being used by select development partners and will be released to app and independent software vendors in the third quarter of 2020.

The RYZ Accessory is easily attached to a smartphone, displaying holographic images with touch control and seamless extension of the native phone screen. Its patented design enables users to view and interact with holographic content in ambient light without the use of goggles. Complementing the software and hardware elements is the RYZ App, which provides foundational features and access to a multitude of creative features and third-party applications which incorporate holograms.

“We are honored to be recognized by Frost and Sullivan for creating RYZ™, which we see as the world’s first integrated 3D holographic platform, that is compatible with mobile and desktop environments and requires no glasses or headwear,” said Taylor Scott, founder and chief technology officer at IKIN. “Holograms have proven to be an elusive technology, and the products that have been brought to market claiming to provide a holographic experience are exceptionally limited in terms of mass adoption. That is about to change. With our Ambient Optical Depth-Field incorporated into RYZ, IKIN is pioneering a new way for each of us to think, play and interact. Our mission is to develop and enhance the human experience through holographic depth-field technology and virtual engagement.”

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