IKIN CTO Taylor Scott to Discuss AI and Holographic Content Creation at DeveloperWeek Austin 2020

Session will highlight optimization of holographic content created for business and consumer applications

San Diego, California, Nov. 12, 2020—IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced that Taylor Scott, the company’s chief technology officer, will host a session on using artificial intelligence (AI) to create and deliver holograms and volumetric images at DeveloperWeek Austin 2020. The virtual conference takes place November 18 and 19, 2020. Scott’s session is scheduled for 2 p.m. ET November 18.

In his session, “Delivering Visual Perception and Holographic Content with AI,” Scott will provide developers with insights regarding the optimization of holographic and volumetric content which will facilitate inclusion in both existing and emerging solutions. He will describe the technical requirements for creating these services, as well as provide an overview of go-to-market strategies.

Rather than following the more traditional approach of using AI to make machines run more efficiently, Scott will discuss applying this powerful technology to learn how users interact with an environment, and then discern what is needed to deliver volumetric content that will enhance their experiences.

“DeveloperWeek is a premier event for creators and innovators looking to learn about technology breakthroughs, tools, and techniques that will give them an edge in a highly competitive marketplace,” said Scott. “The application of artificial intelligence to the capture, management, and delivery of holographic images mitigates the heavy demand on processors and bandwidth that has been associated with volumetric content.”

To participate in this session, please register for a free OPEN Pass to DeveloperWeek Austin 2020 using this link https://bit.ly/325YzHh. The OPEN Pass includes access to select programming: Keynotes, 50+ OPEN Talks, and the two-day Virtual Expo.