IKIN™ Engages Benchmark for Holographic Hardware Design and Build

Relationship will speed time to market for innovative accessories that enable holographic display beyond the mobile screen

San Diego, California, April 21, 2020—IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for both businesses and consumers, announced it has engaged Benchmark Electronics, Inc. (NYSE: BHE), a global provider of innovative engineering and manufacturing services, to collaborate on the design and delivery of its RYZ™ mobile accessory products. The RYZ accessory is the first personal hologram platform to employ IKIN’s patented technologies for displaying volumetric images outside the standard mobile phone screen.

As a part of the agreement, Benchmark will collaborate with IKIN over a multiphase project to provide design services, engineering support, and produce prototypes and field trial units. The company will also provide full product verification and transition to commercial manufacturing. Work will be completed in Benchmark’s Tempe, Arizona, Design Innovation Center.

“Benchmark is proving to be an invaluable partner in bringing the IKIN RYZ platform and accessories to market quickly,” said Joe Ward, IKIN Chief Executive Officer. “Its engineering teams have been extremely thorough and attentive to IKIN’s requirements, and the company’s expertise in new product introduction, engineering, and manufacturing will help to ensure timely delivery of a high quality, market leading product.”

IKIN’s RYZ product line delivers volumetric rendering and display to mobile devices. The solution is optimized for seamless performance across current networks, and can fully utilize expanded transmission and bandwidth capacities that will be available as 5G services are introduced by wireless carriers around the world.

“Benchmark has developed a critical mass of expertise and technology building blocks to address and solve complex design challenges in optics, sensors, and 5G,” said Jan Janick, Benchmark’s Chief Technology Officer. “IKIN has a stellar reputation in the industry and we look forward to partnering with their team of engineers to help quickly productize this amazing innovation at the highest possible quality.”

The RYZ accessory gives users touch control of holographic elements with full integration between the volumetric display and the standard phone screen. IKIN also offers app developers its RYZ Framework, which delivers a strong set of open SDKs and APIs that incorporate holographic elements and features into games, business applications, and communications services.