Tuesday, April 7, 2020 8:00 AM

IKIN,inc will deliver toolkits, software and hardware that facilitate holographic content for mobile providers

SAN DIEGO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / April 7, 2020 / IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced it has selected Android as its initial go-to-market platform to bring interactive holographic content to mobile apps, games and tools to the mobile marketplace. The company plans to roll out a comprehensive collection of hardware, software, mobile apps and developer tools to enable display of holograms through 4G and 5G mobile devices. The company expects to conduct its first field trials in 2020 with general availability anticipated for 2021.

IKIN has already surpassed a number of milestones for its RYZ™ family of products that will enable display and interaction with holograms on Android mobile devices. The solution is optimized for seamless performance across current networks and can fully utilize expanded transmission and bandwidth capacities that will be available as 5G services are introduced by wireless carriers around the world.

“There is a common perception that holograms will place significant bandwidth demands on networks and devices,” said Taylor Scott, IKIN’s Chief Technology Officer. “Through IKIN’s optimization algorithms, we’ve created a solution that will have minimal impact on performance across current and future network technologies. We anticipate that interactive holographic engagement enabled through RYZ will delight users while efficiently leveraging network resources.”

IKIN’s RYZ product line – comprised of RYZ Framework, RYZ Accessory and RYZ mobile app – delivers volumetric rendering and display to mobile devices, empowering the touch control and inclusion of holograms in nearly any mobile app, game or tool. Moving beyond existing AR and VR technologies, RYZ displays holograms in ambient light without the use of goggles or other specialized equipment.

RYZ provides developers with a strong set of open SDKs and APIs that empower the incorporation of holographic elements and features into games, business applications and communications services in multiple design environments.

“IKIN’s technology will work on nearly any mobile device, but we chose to go forward with Android for the first field deployments since we feel it will provide the broadest opportunities for rapid development,” said Joe Ward, IKIN’s Chief Executive Officer. “Android’s robust developer ecosystem will enable app designers to quickly leverage our development tools to incorporate holograms into many innovative applications.”

Complementing its open development resources and aggressive hardware delivery plan, IKIN will launch its RYZ mobile app in conjunction with the RYZ Accessory field trials to leverage its patented delivery and display capabilities. The mobile app can also serve as a library for third-party holographic apps that provide even greater capabilities.