Volumetric Capabilities Will Enable the USMC to Improve Materials Management, Increase Efficiency, and Reduce Training

San Diego, California, February 18, 2021—IKIN™, a leading provider of visual technology solutions for businesses and consumers, announced that private network pioneer Federated Wireless has chosen the company to deliver holographic applications and services as part of Federated’s 5G installation at the Marine Corps Logistics Command warehouse operations in Albany, GA.  As part of the arrangement, IKIN will utilize Federated’s 5G communications infrastructure to give the Marine Corps the ability to leverage holographic capabilities for locating, identifying, and retrieving materials without having to move or open packaging. The first deployment of the technology is expected to take place in mid-2021.

IKIN was introduced to Federated by Capstone Partners, a strategic advisory firm that is Federated’s primary partner for 5G and Internet of Things applications and solutions. The project includes the upgrade of wireless network infrastructure and applications which can be employed to profoundly improve the efficiency, timeliness, accuracy, security, and safety of warehouse operations.

“Private 5G enterprise networks that leverage the reliability and scalability of shared spectrum can bring innovative applications such as IKIN holography to enable smart warehouses,” said Sal D’Itri, VP and General Manager, Public Sector at Federated Wireless. “We are excited to work with IKIN and Capstone to deliver these advanced capabilities to the DoD.”

According to Capstone president Allen Proithis, IKIN’s patented holographic technology is well-suited for this project. Inventory verification is often time consuming, labor intensive, and subject to human error. IKIN’s technologies will demonstrate how the Marine Corps can improve inspection and maintenance activities through interactive volumetric display of instructions and technical manuals, and enhance visibility into the quantity, location, and status of warehoused material.

“The use of holographic capabilities in a large warehouse setting can result in dramatic efficiency gains, improve safety, and lower operating costs,” explained Proithis. “IKIN has been at the forefront of developing these services for business and industrial applications. We anticipate that this technology will have a profound impact in increasing the productivity and performance at the Georgia warehouse.”

Headquartered in San Diego, IKIN provides innovative holographic solutions that are suited for both business and consumer applications. The company’s patented holographic technology works in ambient light, is compatible with both Android and iOS operating systems, and does not require any goggles or headwear, making it ideal for a multitude of applications. The technology is suited for IoT, manufacturing, telemedicine, gaming, and communications environments. IKIN is scheduled to release its SDK to select developers in early 2021, and is expected to roll out its consumer-facing services later in the year.

“We are eager to showcase IKIN’s capabilities for the Marine Corps, and demonstrate how holographic technology can enhance the Corps’ ability to locate and retrieve materials quickly, securely, and reliably,” explained Joe Ward, IKIN’s chief executive officer. “We are grateful for the confidence and opportunity presented by Federated, and look forward to working with them to deliver a holographic solution that will tangibly improve productivity and efficiency.”

To learn more about IKIN and its holographic technology, please visit www.ikininc.com.

About IKIN, Inc.

IKIN is an innovator of visual technology that enables customers and partners to offer high-resolution 3-D volumetric imaging to businesses and consumers. The company has patented technology that enables solid state holograms to exist in ambient light. IKIN offers its RYZ Framework to Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and developers looking to utilize holographic displays as a differentiator for vertical market applications. The company will also offer its RYZ Accessory—a device that enables holograms for personal use—in the second half of 2021.

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